Move Beautifully

Amazfit Amazfit

Client Huami Inc. USA
Production Company Little Moving Pictures
Creative Direction Little Moving Pictures, DIKO
Creative Director Diko Daghlian
Producer Jeremy Summer
Director of Photography Joe Picard
Editor Nathan Petty
Assistant Editor Peter Geiger
Visual Effects and Motion Design Noe Chavez
Colorist Ayumi Ashley
Music "Pilates" by Don Monique remixed by Beacon Street Music

"Every joke is a tiny revolution" - Orwell

Sure, Donald Trump has been a dangerous menace. He's also a petty, small, and quite ridiculous person. He even cheats at golf. "Commander in Cheat" turns an interview with legendary sports writer Rick Reilly into an animated short.

Produced Little Moving Pictures
Animation and Design Adam Avilla
Concept and Direction David Terry Fine
Voiceover Rick Reilly
Edited Nathan Petty
Music and Sound Design Laurent Delforge and None (
Dialogue Cleanup Joaby Deal

Yes, we’ve had cats surf, do yoga and drink a cocktail.

Directors David Terry Fine, Noe Chavez
Director of Photography Tyler McPherron, Noe Chavez
Still Photography Diana Rothery
Producer Jeremy Summer
Editor Nathan Petty
Color Ayumi Ashley

Creative Growth Artist Series Explore Campaign

Method Method

We’ve been lucky to tell stories about Creative Growth, a remarkable studio and gallery space for artists with disabilities in Oakland. The place has such a special energy- watching marginalized people find their artistic voice in a nurturing space and seeing the beautiful art that results has been one of our favorite projects. In addition to documenting their annual galas, we’ve also been commissioned by method to make two film and stills campaigns around their branded collaborations with creative growth artists.

Directors David Terry Fine, Noe Chavez
Director of Photography Tyler McPherron, Noe Chavez
Still Photography Diana Rothery
Producer Jeremy Summer
Editor Nathan Petty
Color Ayumi Ashley
Move Videos

How It's Goin' How It's Goin'

A Little Moving Pictures Production

A bittersweet comedy about Steven, a recently divorced father and his young daughter, Cali. Steve’s perfect day with his daughter in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park is ruined when Cali’s mom comes to pick her up, leading Steve on an unexpected journey through the park.

A Little Moving Pictures Production
Of a film by 26 Aries (Irene Chin & Kurt Vincent)
Written by Adam Callahan
Story By Adam Callahan, Irene Chin, Kurt Vincent
Produced by Jeremy Summer
Consulting Producer/Story Editor Tricia Cramer
Cast (in order of appearance):
Steve Steve Talley
Cali California Summer
Dog Beatrix Summerkirk
Park Kid #1 Evan Walker
Park Kid #2 William Walker
Gabby Alyssa Kompelien
Park Mom Melissa Chin
Burger King Guy Adam Callahan
Stoner Chick Irene Chin
Stoner Dude Alex Rapine
And all the freaky people at 4/20/18 at Golden Gate Park
Irene Chin Director
Kurt Vincent Director
Jeremy Summer Producer
Tyler McPherron Director of Photography
Alex Rapine 1st AD
Jonathan Salazar 1st AC
Martin Bustamante 2nd AC
Ashley Valenzuela 2nd AC
Lemia Bodden Coordinator
Arthur Aravena Gaffer
Gaerick Duffin Swing
Ally Grace Esparza Art Director
Sam Hoiland Art Assist
Anya Zebroski Wardrobe Stylist
Alicia Barry Hair & Makeup Artist
Dalton Patterson Sound Recordist
Diana Rothery Production Stills
Additional Cinematography by Noe Chavez
Music by Anthony Ferraro
Editor Nathan Petty
Assistant Editor Caleb Stumpfl
Colorist Chris Martin of Mission Film & Design
Sound Mixer Joel Raabe
Titles Designer Patrick Sean Gibson
“Running In and Out”
Performed By Dwayne Ellis
Licensed from Marmoset Music
“Children of the Beehive”
written by Sonny Smith
Performed by Sonny & The Sunsets
Licensed from Bankrobber music
Special Thanks
Mission Film & Design
Tommy Herbst
Andrew Combra
Dean Snodgrass
Elise Polglaze
Lindsey Kirk
Mike Walker
Melissa Chin
Alan Steinheimer
Morgan Henderson
Ron E. Sweat
Dedicated to:
The park rangers who busted us but let us keep filming.

Pixel Slate

Google Google

Client Google Hardware
Director David Terry Fine
Producer Jeremy Summer
Director of Photography Tyler McPherron
Production Designer Nicolas Faiella
Gaffer Tej Verdi
Editor Caleb Stumpfl
Color Chris Martin, Mission Film & Design
Artist/Talent Lia Tin

Countdown Clocks Explore Campaign

YouTube YouTube

YouTube’s art department asked us to help produce, curate and music supervise a series of countdown clocks that will be used by YT creators as a lead-in reel for live premieres on the platform.

Kevin and Parîac McGloughlin Lucas Zanotto
Todd St. John My Name is Wendy
Arina Shabanova Little Moving Pictures
Ash Thorp Earvin Fanfair
Maciej Kuciara Andrew Lebov
Sound/Sound Design
None Online GooRoo music
Sebastian Oliwa Pico Sound
Anthony Ferraro Max Cooper
Todd St. John Jeia Rouge
Move Videos


Game Golf Game Golf

Client Game Golf
Agency Swirl
Director David Terry Fine
Director of Photography Noe Chavez
Editor Nathan Petty
Colorist Ayumi Ashley

POV Explore Campaign

Uber Uber

Director Paul Trillo
DP Joe Picard
Producer Drew Toresco
Editor Nathan Petty
Colorist Chris Martin, Mission film and Design
Move Videos

It Takes A Teacher

Google Google

Filmed at classrooms in Portland, San Diego and Chicago, It Takes A Teacher was a campaign that profiled educators making innovative use of chromebooks in their classrooms. Whether designing a working prosthetic or running a soap business, these exceptional teachers were used as examples for classrooms across the world.

In addition to the filmed content, Little Moving Pictures was also tasked with capturing stills used in print and online placements- we worked with our friend and frequent collaborator Diana Rothery on this side of the project.

Client Google for Education
Agency Anomaly
Director David Terry Fine
Producer Matthew Achterberg
Director of Photography Tyler McPherron
Camera Operator Ethan Indorf
Still Photography Diana Rothery
Edit David Terry Fine
Color Ayumi Ashley

Forever Brothers

Fox Sports Forever Brothers

Forever Brothers: The ’71 Pittsburgh Pirates Story is a film about race, baseball and America in 1971. With a lineup including all-stars Roberto Clemente, Willie Stargell and Dock Ellis, the ’71 Pirates were one of the most densely talented and most diverse rosters in baseball. At a time of heightened racial tension in America, where the word “negro” is still used commonly in the press, where unspoken quotas are just starting to break down in baseball, the Pirates adopted a color-blind attitude. “Black, white, Latin- put a Pirate uniform on ‘em and it didn’t matter. Talent wins all,” says pitcher Steve Blass. As the Vietnam war, tensions around bussing and a rise in militancy in the black and latino communities simmers in 1971, the Pirates would quietly field a historic lineup on September 1st, 1971, the first and only all black and latino starting lineup, a milestone in MLB history that is celebrated in this documentary executive produced by Pittsburgh native Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) and narrated by Chuck D (Public Enemy).

Director David Terry Fine
Director of Photography Tyler McPherron
Executive Producer Jeremy Summer, Antoine Fuqua
Producer Drew Toresco
Editors Nathan Petty, Clayton Worfolk
Writer Aaron Cohen
Archival Researcher Jason Helig
Colorist Ayumi Ashley
Sound Mix Joaby Deal


Raley's Raley's

Agency Funworks
Director Plummer/Strauss
DP Reuben Contreras
Producer Erika Belis
Colorist Chris Martin

49 Mile Scenic Drive

49 Mile Scenic Drive

In 1954, an artist named Rex May created an iconic street sign for the city of San Francisco. Half a century later, his signs started to disappear. What began as a short film about design took on a life of its own and ended up changing a little piece of history.

Short Documentary Video Runtime: 10 min Color & B/W, Stereo

San Francisco Intl Film Fest 2018 - WORLD PREMIERE - Golden Gate Award Warsaw International Film Festival 2018 - INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE AFI Fest 2018 - Nominated for Short Film Grand Prix Tacoma Film Festival 2018 Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival 2018 Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival 2018 Cinequest Film Festival 2019 Sonoma International Film Festival 2019 Selected by KQED’s Truly CA as part of Season 14, to be broadcast in August 2019

Directed by Bradley Smith & Tyler McPherron

Written, Narrated and Illustrated by Alexander Barrett

Produced by Bradley Smith, Jeremy Summer, Little Moving Pictures

Director of Photography: Tyler McPherron

Edited by Gregory Gheorgiu, Matthew O’Donnell, Tyler McPherron, Bradley Smith

Composer: Jordan Lehning

Colorist: Sean Wells

Sound Mixing: Joel Raabe

Dialogue Recorded & Edited by Tom Disher

Gaffer: Luke Seerveld

Assistant Editors: Caleb Stumpfl, Michael Pavoni

Assistant Camera: Evan Henkel

Production Assistants: Frank Frattini, Natalie Vall-Freed, Lemia Bodden, Matthew Nelson

Archivist: Emily Bender

SFMTA: Noel Laffey, Eddie Clark, Todd Vers, Candace Sue, Katy Guyon, Helen Lau

SF Film Commission: Manijeh Fata

Special Thanks: Chuck Little, The Family of Rex May, Lee Hastings, Susan Burdick, Kaz Tsuruta, Elliott Reid, Wendy Niles, David de la Torre, Sarah Klise, Bridget Watson Payne, The Mexican Museum, The Oakland Museum of California, Chronicle Books, Chris Bettig, Laura Wagner

No Pain

No Pain

Audience Award for Best Short Documentary, SF IndieFest
Official Selection, LA Shorts Festival
Official Selection, Palm Springs International Shorts Festival

After Ricky LaRocca's release from prison, he needed an outlet for his anger. Becoming a Strongman athlete was that outlet. But during a competition in 2011, a terrible accident altered the course of his career.

The film follows LaRocca's journey seven years after the accident as he looks to make a comeback. LaRocca's goal is to set a deadlift record, but he must contend with debilitating health issues.

As he pushes himself beyond his limits, a dark past starts to unravel.

Director John Picklap
Producers John Picklap, David Terry Fine
Executive Producers Nathan Petty, Little Moving Pictures &Jeremy Summer, Little Moving Pictures
Editor Nathan Petty
Cinematography Tyler McPherron, John Picklap
Original Music Aled Roberts
Assistant Editor Caleb Stumpfl
Interview B Cam Operator Ethan Indorf
Interview Sound Operators Mitchell Tong, Carla Tramullas
Sound Mix Joaby Deal, One Union Recording
Lead Colorist Ayumi Ashley, Ntropic
Colorist Mark Sanna, Ntropic
Color Producer Laura Noonan, Ntropic
Title Design Noe Chavez



Commissioned by Polyvinyl records, filmed in studio and on location in Alameda, CA..

Hero Wrestler JR Kratos 
Wrestler/Mom/Heroin Kid Will Roberts 
Wrestler/Grandma/Nerd Guy Chris Crotte 
Wrestler/Rap Kid/Cookie Monster Johnny Dynamo 
Wrestler/Dad/Emo Dude Rik Luxury 
Referee/Lil Krista/Support Group Leader Sparkey Ballard 
Directors David Terry Fine and Tyler McPherron 
Producer Jeremy Summer 
Director of Photography Devin Whetstone 
Editor Nathan Petty 
Assistant Director Ross Thomas 
1st AC Dean Snodgrass 
2nd AC Miguel Mantecon 
Data/Art Assist Charlie Nordstrom 
Gaffer Alan Steinheimer 
Key Grip Ernie Kunze 
Grip Joseph Scott Lighting 
Board Op Brooke Kimble 
Lighting Wrap Cain Czopek 
Lighting Wrap Alyssa Moran 
Swing/Behind The Scenes Mikul Eriksson 
Additional Stills Diana Rothery 
Production Design Jeanette Moncada 
Wardrobe Stylist Amanda Ramirez 
Hair and Makeup Maria Christina Costa 
Makeup Assist Tiffany Purdy 
Production Assistant Natalie Vall-Freed P
Production Assistant Branden Paris 
VFX Noe Chavez 
Colorist Ayumi Ashley

Thanks to Sparkey Ballard, Gold Rush Pro Wrestling, Dean Santner, Alameda Point Studios, Mitchell and Oona Zaninelli, Meets The Eye Studios.


As a post house, we spend more hours than we’d care to admit scouring stock footage sites for gems. We have been aggregating some of our favorites with the intention of making something experimental. We had been working with Toro Y Moi on a music video and worked with their keyboardist Anthony Ferraro to score our short film “How It’s Goin’” and had been listening to his band Astronauts Etc. when it dawned on us that all that stock could come together as a music video for one of the tracks, “Idleness” from the album Living in Symbol.

Celebrate Nurses

Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson

In honor of international nurse’s day, we reunited a child and his parents with the nurse who saved his life.

Director David Terry Fine
Director of Photography Adam Uhl
Agency BBDO NY


BC Unidos BC Unidos

“To many of us, a bicycle is just something we ride for fun or to work. But for many young and underprivileged people around the world, a bicycle represents freedom. While writing the song, I imagined I was a boy from a broken home who finally saved up enough money to buy a bike. I pictured how fast he rode, and how empowered he felt, finally able to explore a city that was once limited to only the people and places he could run to. In my mind, he kept riding, maybe forever, away from a black and white reality, into a colorful world of dreams, where he could be anyone and anything he imagined.” - Shungudzo

The Scraper Bike Team empowers urban youth living in underserved communities through self-expression and creativity. We encourage youth entrepreneurship and promote healthy, sustainable living for all. The Scraper Bike Team will use each work of bicycle art to impact social justice and global change.

Starring Shungudzo & the Original Scraper Bike Team
Director Joel Knoernschild
Written by Katie Malia & Joel Knoernschild | Knoernschild Knoernschild's
Producer Jeremy Summer | Little Moving Pictures
Director of Photography Ethan Indorf
1st AC Dean Snodgrass
2nd AC Tyler McPherron
DIT/Colorist Bobby Maruvada
Drone Op Joel Knoernschild
Editor Al Dente
Behind-the-Scenes Noe Chavez
Gaffer Matthew Stouppe
Key Grip Joe Heath
Best Boy Nico Ortiz Y Pino
Grips Alex Herter, Nick Yee, Louis Shah, Cain Czopek
2nd AD Amy Yvonne Yu
Hair & Make-Up / Stylist Christina Costa
Jacket Art Kaycee Krieg
Production Assistant Amanda Reyes
Special Thank You Baybe Champ, Chris Schieffelin, Johanna Hoffman, Stephen Buchanan Sony Music Sweden
Music Video Rep for Joel Knoernschild Jen Herrera & Andy Roberts @ Las Bandas Be Brave

Rewrite Tradition

Just Just

Shot in the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic, this spot for JUST plant based eggs follows an eggs Florentine recipe across the decades and centuries.

Director Plummer/Strauss
Producer Jeremy Summer
DP Spenser Nottage
Production Designer Maxwell Smith
Song “With my face on the floor” by Emmitt Rhodes licensed from Universal Music Group

Girls in Science

Clorox Clorox Greenworks

The Draw-A-Scientist Test is an open-ended projective test designed to investigate children's perceptions of the scientist. Originally developed by David Wade Chambers in 1983, the main purpose was to learn at what age the well known stereotypic (male) images of scientists first appear.

Agency Critical Mass
Client Clorox Greenworks
Director Mimi Cave
Director of Photography Kate Arizmendi
Producer Jeremy Summer
Editor Nathan Petty


Director BALLOONS (Clare Richarson & David Terry Fine)
Executive Producer Little Moving Pictures
Producers Diana Peralta & Michelle Peralta
Director of Photography Adam Uhl
Production Designer Becca Morrin
Wardrobe/Hair & Makeup Suzanne Gold & Allison Crowley
Visual Effects EFFIXX.STUDIO Anthony Ciannamea
Himself (singer) Ed Schrader
Himself (bass) Devlin Rice
Clown Tyler Gilstrap
Frick Tracy Dunbar
Frack Suzie Rzecznik
Shooting Crew
Gaffer - TJ Alston
Key Grip - Bill Hilferty
Best Boy Electric - Arseniy Grobovnikov
Best Boy Grip - Joe Albino
Art Director - Kelley Lutter
Camera PA - Kristin Haraldsdottir
VFX Supervisor - Adam Tenninbaum
Balloon Artist - Adam Wanamaker
Special thanks to Be Electric Studios

Food For Families

Raley's Raley's

Agency Funworks
Director Plummer/Strauss
DP Spenser Nottage
Production Design Maxwell Smith
Gaffer Chris Galdes
Wardrobe Anya Zebroski
Colorist Chris Martin

What are you searching for?

Google Google

Client Google Creative Lab
Director David Terry Fine
DP Austin Rhodes
Editor Nathan Petty

Family Greatly

Kraft Kraft

With the help of our frequent collaborators All of Us casting we found 20 real families in Chicago who were willing to get vulnerable in front of a camera. Ad Age says “Parents: this Kraft ad will make you cry”. And they’re probably right.

Agency Leo Burnett Chicago
Director David Terry Fine
Producer Kimi Milo
Director of Photography Tyler McPherron

Can You Read My Lips? Can You Read My Lips?

Can You Read My Lips?

What's it like to use one sense to do the work of another? "Can You Read My Lips?" is an immersive short about lip-reading based on the essay "Seeing at the Speed of Sound" by Rachel Kolb who narrates and stars in the piece.

Featured by Vimeo Staff Picks, Short of the Week, National Geographic and The Atlantic. AICP award winner for best sound design.

Produced by Little Moving Pictures
Director David Terry Fine
Producer Jeremy Summer
Editor Nathan Petty
Writers Rachel Kolb, David Terry Fine, Ryan Bubalo, Brenna Farrell
Director of Photography Tyler McPherron
Additional Camera David Terry Fine, Bradley Tangonan
Associate Producers Amy Dempsey, Brenna Farrell
Gaffers Eric Blum, Luke Seerveld, Alan Steinheimer, Bradley Tangonan
Sound Recordist Renso Landa
Makeup Laura Chall
Casting Chris Morrell
Colorist Ayumi Ashley
Sound Mixer Joaby Deal
Additional Sounds Panda Bear
Title Consultant Joe Kayser
Title Animation Noe Chavez
Good Vibes Diana Rothery, Mimi Cave
Erin Fong
Tiffany Sainz
Karen Wang
Peter Willhoite
Forrest Day
TJ Kearney
Erica Kelly
Karen Berniker
Dave Levine
Daniel Davies
Ranbir Sanghera
Clementine Costanza
Oskar Costanza
Jamie Rose Miller
Christian Plummer
Ayumi Ashley
Matt Notaro
Talya Fisher
Brandon Kazen-Maddox
Nicole Schneider
Francis Phiri
Brittany Dike
Chris Desouza
Obhi Hazarika
Molly Linden
David Terry Fine
Jeremy Summer
Special Thanks
Beau Lewis
Debbie Sterling
Andrew Textor
Steph Textor
Mimi Cave
Devin Whetstone
Garret DeLorm
Gus Horwith
Jamie Rennar
Tommy Herbst
Kai Schneider
Cassie Rosenbrock
Jane Whitney
Chris Morrell
Teresa Jattridge
Melissa Keith
Brady Woolery
Alicia Roca
Leslie Valentino
Josh Harris / Trick Dog
David Peter
Dakota McCoy
Catherine Laporte-Oshiro
Phil Yao
Taylor Wilson
Kiley Hunkler
Spencer Lenfield
Rachel Woodlee

No Bad Vibes Explore Campaign

Method Body Method Body

For this project which launched Method’s body wash line, we filmed bodies and ingredients on a sound stage and brought them together to show users how method’s clean ingredients can wash away all the bad stuff life throws at us.

All production, design and VFX by Little Moving Pictures.
Client Method
Director Mimi Cave
Producer Jeremy Summer
Director of Photography Logan Triplett
VFX Realmotion VFX
Color Ayumi Ashley
Original Music Pico Music and Sound
Move Videos

Flaming Arrow

Vionic Vionic

Filmed at iconic bay area locations (the 16th street train station in Oakland and Alameda Point) with practical fire and arrow effects. BULLSEYE.

Agency Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Director Cali Bondad
Producer Jeremy Summer
Director of Photography Caleb Heymann
Production Designer Bret Lama
Wardrobe Stylist Anya Zebroski

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
“Work, Travail, Arbeid”


The starting point for Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s "Work/Travail/Arbeid" is a simple question: Can choreography be performed in the form of an exhibition? In this new short film by David Terry Fine, dancer/choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker reveals new insights into the complex conceptual, technical, and physical labor that is essential to the practice of dance. We were lucky enough to film two days of the performance/exhibition in the main atrium of the MoMA NYC.

Director David Terry Fine
DP Tyler McPherron
Producer Jeremy Summer
Editor Nathan Petty/David Terry Fine
De-Color Ayumi Ashley


Turo Turo

This spot was made for Turo in collaboration with Paramount and ILM to cross promote their Bumblebee feature film. Bumblebee was a total diva but nailed the shots on the first take.

Director Mimi Cave
DP Tyler McPherron
Producer Jeremy Summer
Production Design Nicholas Faiella
Wardrobe Anya Zebroski
Colorist Ayumi Ashley
Music Pico Music and Sound

No Vacation

“Yam Yam” is the hit single off No Vacation’s third EP titled Intermission. BOREDOM took on the task to transform their song into a mixed media visual experience. The video is constructed of UHD Digital, Super 8mm Film, and features over 1,000 frames of Hand Painted Watercolor Animation. Through a minimally rich color palette, BOREDOM explored the yin and yang of the modern life emotional experience, the happy and the sad.

One of the best crews/shoots ever.

Directed by BOREDOM
Production Company Little Moving Pictures
Producer Jeremy Summer
DP (Digital) Tyler McPherron
DP (Film) Joshua Pausanos
1st AC William Dauel
2nd AC Ashley Valenzuela
Data Manager Brandon Smith
Gaffer Clay Kerri
Key Grip Ben Little
Best Boy Electric Lukas Zanoli
Best Boy Grip Mina Stollery
Swing Joe Barrett
Swing Neil Kelly
Dolly Grip Anders Ericcson
Art Lead Keri Shewmaker
Art Lead (Balloon Set) Laura Siân Morris
Art Assistant Alexa Martinez
Art Assistant Savanah Assisi
Art Assistant Justin Aragon
Art Assistant Annie O’Hare
Art Assistant Jacki Kirchner
Art Runner Quio Rosewood
Floor Painter Michelle Nguyen
Prop Letterer Joshua Michael Diaz
Bubble Artist Colin The Wizard
Wardrobe Stylist Autie Carlisle
Wardrobe Assistant Bailey Meyer
Hair/Makeup Christina Costa
Assistant Director Vee Godinez
Set PA Justin Kohlberg
Set PA Jason Maze
Editor Caleb Stumpfl
Colorist Ayumi Ashley
Visual Effects Artist Noe Chavez
Visual Effects Artist Ky Newman

Real Life Care

One Medical One Medical

We love finding real people and helping them get candid in front of a camera. One Medical stands out from other brands in medicine- LGBTQ issues, sexual wellness and mental health have always been at the forefront of their modern approach to primary healthcare. “Glad You Asked?” is a collection of real people telling stories about the most awkward thing they’ve talked about with their doctor. While we filmed those interviews, we asked more questions about folks experience with healthcare and created a huge library of content used across all channels to talk to all different kinds of targeted audiences.

Director David Terry Fine
DP Tyler McPherron
Producer Jeremy Summer
Editor Nathan Petty
Color Chris Martin, mission film & design

Ordinary Pleasure

Toro y Moi Toro y Moi

Director Mancy Gant
Director of Photography Tyler McPherron
Producer Jeremy Summer
Production Designer Maxwell Smith
Art Assist Keri Shewmaker
Art Assist Omid Matthew
Art Assist Amira Barnett
Sound Recordist Kevin Crawford
Gaffer Alan Steinheimer
Grip Chris Morgan
Grip Vinnie Sooknanan
Grip Sean Ly
1st AC Dean Snodgrass
2nd AC Luke Lasley
1st AD Hilton Day
Wardrobe Stylist Tori Secretario
Hair/Makeup Angela Womac
Toro y Moi (band) Chaz Bear Anthony Ferraro Patrick Jeffords Andy Woodward Brijean Muzae Sesay Azha Ayanna Apryl Fuentes Sam Sartor Sam Bear Hannah Van Loon Rewina Beshue Freddy Anzures Erin Fong Doug Stuart Ginger Fierstein Greg Szilagyi Jacob Romero Chelxen Bundick Butter Man Jamie Whalen
Editor Caleb Stumpfl
Colorist Ayumi Ashley
Sound Mix Kevin Crawford
Titles Bijan Berahimi (Fisk)
Wardrobe provided by ReLove Vinage (SF)


Overhead Madeline Kenny

Directed by Madeline Kenney
Director of photography Tyler McPherron
Produced by Jeremy Summer
Edited by Caleb Stumpfl
Choreography by Anna Greenberg and Madeline Kenney
Wardrobe provided by Ijji
Dancers Juliet Paramor, Sandra Lawson Ndu, Madeline Aragon, Rosalind Hsu, Valerie Mendez
Colorist Ayumi Ashley

Friends of Wonder Friends of Wonder

A lavish gilded age New Jersey theater saved by a dedicated group of local volunteers. A concert performed by musical soul-mates who live on different sides of the world. A pair of filmmakers telling these two idiosyncratic stories in one documentary. This is Friends of Wonder, a different kind of concert film about a concert performed by Kurt Vile & Courtney Barnett at the historic Loew’s Theater in Jersey City. Made in partnership with Matador Records and WeTransfer.

Director/Editors 26 Aries (Irene Chin & Kurt Vincent)
Director of Photography Christine Ng
Producer Jeremy Summer

Take The J Train

SFJFF SF Jewish Film Festival

Written by Ray Connoly and Aryan Amizadeh
Director David Terry Fine
DP Tyler McPherron
Producer Jeremy Summer
Editor Nathan Petty
Color Ayumi Ashley
Starring Chris Morrell, Matt O’Donnell, Flora Goodthyme


Inspired by the amazing Steadicam work from Birdman, this music video was filmed in the historic Brava Theater in San Francisco’s mission district.

Starring The Dodos
Director Tyler McPherron
DP Devin Whetstone
Steadicam Stew Cantrell
Editor Nathan Petty
VFX Noe Chavez
Colorist Ayumi Ashley

Hallowinning Explore Campaign

Uber Uber

Director Adam Avilla
Producer Alun Lee
DP Laura Valladao
Editor Nathan Petty
Move Videos

Introducing Trino

Allbirds Allbirds

A mix of previous campaign footage and fun, unexpected stock footage introduces Allbirds’ latest material- a blend of Trees and Merino wool - Trino.

Ideas Need People

UpWork UpWork

Agency MTZHF
Director Mimi Cave
Producer Rona Padua
DP Devin Whetstone
Production Designer Jona Tochet
Editor Nathan Petty
VFX Noe Chavez
Colorist Ayumi Ashley